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Submitted on
December 9, 2013
Mature Content


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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Artificial sunlight coaxed your eyes open, and you smiled as you stretched your arms out in front of you, letting the cool air of the bedroom swirls around your bare arms.
You rolled onto your back, staring at the ceiling. The metallic-looking ceiling certainly contrasted to the royal-by-appearance rest of the room.
Before you stretched out your left arm, you turned your head left and saw the spaceboy still sleeping peacefully. Memories of the previous hours flitted through your vision, and you grinned as you rolled away again, choosing to curl yourself up and reminisce about what had happened instead of staring at him.
You couldn't stop grinning stupidly. That's why you'd turned away from him.
You saw a shoe lying under the window, wondering how it had ended up all that way away. Thinking back, you could probably apply some logic to that.
As for the pain in your neck...
You tentatively ran your fingers over a sore patch on your neck. You dreaded what it looked like.
You stopped grinning and rolled back to face the Time Lord, a content smile on your face as you watched him sleep, his fringe falling gently onto the pillow. You reached over, brushing a few stray hairs from his face, letting your fingers run over his cheeks as you listened to him breathe. When his eyes flicked open, you smiled.
"Hey..." You let your hand rest on his cheek. He smiled back at you, reaching out an arm and running his hand through your hair.
"Sleep well?" He asked softly before you both burst out laughing.
"I sincerely hope you know the answer to that." You leaned over and kissed him. He let his hand settle temporarily on your waist. You saw him glance at your neck. He lifted an eyebrow.
"Did I do that?" He asked almost apologetically. You let a smile creep from your lips.
"And I thought doctors made things better." You grinned playfully. Before you could protest, he leaned over and gingerly kissed your neck, and a tingling sensation ran through your veins.
And it no longer hurt.
He smiled at you, and you prodded your neck experimentally. It wasn't sore at all.
"What did you do?" You narrowed your eyes.
"Made it better." He tapped your nose with a finger, and you blushed more than you had already.
"I sorta liked the other you." You joked as you gently punched him.
"Hey," He grabbed your hand. "Other me?" He questioned.
"You know, the one who hurts." You emphasised the last word as you narrowed your eyes with a coy smile.
"We have a rule about daylight." He reminded you. You frowned.
"Since when?" You leaned forwards and kissed his jawline until he elicited a moan.
"No-...(Y/N)...please..." He tried, but you only kissed him harder, letting your hands feel his hearts beat faster in his chest. He weakly attempted to push you away, an action which you stopped as you grabbed his hands and placed them on your chest, and he flustered.
"(Y/N)-" He began, and you slapped your lips on his. He gave in, passionately running his hands over you as you slowly kissed his neck, letting him kiss your shoulder. It made you feel weak, yet you craved the sensation, almost at the point of begging him for more, but you wouldn't.
You left the begging to him.
You put your hands on his shoulders and forced him back, moving with him and holding his head tenderly as you kissed him, sitting quite comfortably above him.
He sat up suddenly, causing you to glare and move slightly aside as you admired his expression.
"What?" You asked with a mixture of confusion. This was certainly a mood-killer. He looked startled as he stared straight ahead.
He snapped his head to you.
"No, we have a rule about daylight." He said an octave higher than normal, his eyes still soft as he stared at you. You couldn't help but notice how his eyes tended to drift. You smiled.
"I don't recall that ever being a problem before." You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him, and he obliged, wrapping his arms around your waist.
"Wai-" He began, but the way your lips caressed his collarbone distracted him immensely. He shut his eyes tightly as if holding back a groan, knowing that it would only please you. You noticed this, and slowly made your way to his jawbone where you paused, kissing it long and deep. You could feel his hearts beat frantically.
"The heart doesn't lie." You purred. "The heart wants what it wants, and nothing else will suffice." You pressed yourself close to him, and he placed a kiss on your neck, a single kiss as if he was trying to control himself.
But you knew you had him.
You leaned around him, pressing your wanton body even closer to him as you kissed the back of his neck, and you almost collapsed on him as he ran his hands down your back, making you weaker than you already were.
"(Y/N)?" He whispered into your ear. You kissed his jaw.
"What?" You whispered back.
"We have a rule about daylight." He caught your hands in his own, staring directly at you as you pouted.
"Fine." You withdrew your arms and stood up, jumping off the bed and grabbing a shirt off the floor, noting how it was the Doctor's as you put the long-sleeved shirt on. He watched you a bit too intently, and you pulled a face before walking off, leaving him and his daylight alone.
"Laters." You huffed, letting the door shut behind you.
Ooh, look at you, naughty girl.

I had a bit too much fun writing this one.
But I was delirious. Again. It's normal now. *shrugs*
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