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February 22


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A trip home, you'd said.
One last ordinary trip to somewhere you knew, you'd said, before you became eternally bound with the Doctor who loved you so very much.
One last normal trip together before you became too big to be mobile, or too busy to take little trips like this.
One last chance to be truly free, without the burden or blessing of a child that was only half-human.

The Doctor liked to see you smile.

He'd taken you to the Island of Ansixop on the planet Qefso. You loved it there. The only thing you could see for miles was the Carina nebula filling the sky with an eternal endless beauty that could only be beaten by your lovers face smiling constantly at your happiness. He always tried to impress you, and he always wanted you to know how well he knew what you liked, so taking you to your favourite places was always high up on his list.
This time, however, there was a difference at the Island of Ansixop.
The sky was empty.
There were no stars.
There was nothing.
Stepping out of the TARDIS, you looked up at the sky and frowned, taking careful steps upon the endless island ground, the soil tinted pink from absorbing the sky's usual pink hue.
"I don't remember this place." You reached out a hand to balance yourself as it was so dark. You only had the light of the TARDIS to go on.
"Of course you do!" The Doctor shouted from inside the TARDIS. "It's the Island of Ansixop. You've been there four times now." He flicked a few final levers before running to catch you up.
"Carina nebula in the sky and..." He drifted off, seeing only darkness.
He echoed your name quietly.
"(Y/N)..." His voice hitched. He couldn't help but instantly go into panic mode. "(Y/N), where are you?" He spun around, trying to peer through the darkness as he dances around the borders of light emitted from the TARDIS. "I'm getting really worried now (Y/N)..." He breathed.
No response.
His eyes widened and quick as a flash, he ran into the TARDIS is searched for any heat signals for miles and miles.
"Come on come on!" He raged at his TARDIS, slapping his palms on the screen to 'encourage' it to work faster.
He bit his lip, digging his nails angrily into his own palms as he glanced frequently back at the doors of the TARDIS. His hands began to hurt, but he didn't feel the pain other than the one in his hearts.
The TARDIS completed its search.
It gave a resounding beep of nothing.
The Doctor roared, almost screaming as he slammed his fists down on the controls.
Taking a deep breath, he ran the search again.
Deciding that the search was taking too long, he ran out of the TARDIS and into the darkness.
He attempted to push the thought away that told him dead bodies don't have heat signals.
He attempted badly.


You woke from a sleep that you didn't remember having.
Your eyelids were very heavy as you tried to look around, but you were somewhere very dark. A single light above you illuminated your face, hurting your tired eyes and making them sting.
Instinctively, your hands shot to your stomach, caressing it gently as you felt the baby inside shuffle slightly.
You sighed, relaxing slightly before noticing how you didn't know where you were or where the Doctor was.
Then you panicked.
Carefully, you sat up, using your hands to feel for the edge of the bed you were on so you could step off the edge.
A pain shot through your stomach when you stood up, and you gasped as you collapsed against the side of the bed. You were pretty sure this wasn't labour pains, and you still had over a month to go. You just knew this couldn't happen yet.
Something was wrong.
Something was very wrong.
You needed a Doctor.


The Doctor hated holograms.
It meant that the enemy could talk to him without being there, and therefore he could not reach them.
"You're never done, are you?" The Doctor growled to the hologram of a red Dalek. He preferred the shorter bronzer Daleks, which he could stand over and feel taller.
"We are looking for the Doctor." The Dalek spoke blankly, same as always, it's voice still grating through the Doctor's ears.
"Well you found me. Well done." His eyes were set in a permanent scowl as his voice monotoned out. He clapped three exaggerated times, gritting his teeth. "Where is she?"
"The Daleks do not understand." It spoke.
"You don't understand anything EVER. You kidnapped (Y/N), yes? To try and get me under your little non-existent finger."
"The Daleks have the Doctor. We are looking for the Doctor." It replied. The Doctor frowned even more.
"That doesn't even make sense! What do you want?!"
"We want the Doctor. We have a Time Lord. We want the Doctor." It clarified. Barely.
The Doctor cursed under his breath.
"You're the most moron-ish metal moron of a moron-ish monster there ever was. If you want me, why don't you just take me?" He growled. He stared hard at the Dalek.
He paused.
His mouth gaped slightly.
"You need a doctor. You think (Y/N) is a Time Lord and she needs a doctor because she's DYING!" He ran a hand through his hair as his eyes brimmed with tears. "You were saying 'the' instead of 'a' because there's only one doctor on this planet, and you need them. But I'm a doctor! Take me to her!" He demanded, trying his best to keep his composure. The Dalek was silent, probably analysing the Doctor closely.
But of course it wouldn't find any information about him stored in their data banks.
"Anyway, why would you care about getting her a doctor?" The Doctor asked curiously. "Why wouldn't you just let her die? Unless..." He gasped. "You want her child, my child. You need her to live. You need a living Time Lord. Why?" He gaped.
"We need a living Time Lord." The Dalek confirmed.
"Yes, but why?" The Doctor stressed.
"We need to evolve. We need new abilities. We need to regenerate."
"You what?!" The Doctor was very extremely angry now. "You want to use my child as a guinea pig to test on and use in all your experiments. I don't think you've ever repulsed me as much as you have now." He paused to glare some more at the Dalek. He couldn't express his hatred for them enough.
"Take me to her." He said quickly, tersely. He was losing patience. "I need to see her. I'm a doctor. I'll keep her alive, and trust me, no-one else will be able to keep her alive."
The Dalek paused as if in thought.
"Well?!" The Doctor curled his fists.

In the time it took him to blink, he was transported into a very dark room.
A soft whimpering pulled him into action, and he ran into the darkness until his eyes fell upon the weakened and pained form of his dear darling (Y/N).
You looked up, trying badly to blink away tears as the Doctor pulled you to your feet, and you hung off him heavily for support.
"It hurts..." You sobbed quietly. The Doctor shushed you, stroking your hair affectionately as he pressed a million kisses to your head.
"I know, I know." He helped you onto the bed you'd been lying on when you'd woken, and he squeezed your hands in his as he stroked your cheek, his adoring eyes never leaving yours.
"Doctor, what's happening to me?" You tried your best to stay calm.
"You're dying. I'm sorry." His eyes welled up. You gasped at him, breathing instantly becoming heavier as you searched his face for comfort or reassurance. He glanced at your stomach.
"Your human body is struggling. It can't support an alien life form without help." He diverted his gaze from your eyes.
"But I've been doing fine-"
"No, you haven't." He admitted.
"What?" You asked slowly.
"I've been helping you when you slept. I've been regenerating your body. I've been keeping you alive. I'm your life support..." He took a deep breath to stop himself crying.
"You've been using your regeneration energy on me..." You realised. He nodded his head, glancing momentarily at your disapproving eyes.
You slapped him.
He jumped back.
"OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" He looked at you with a hurt expression.
"You're an idiot." You scowled, protecting your stomach with your hands as you turned away from him, still hurting very much inside.
"But I was helping you." His eyebrows arched.
"Stupid idiot." You held back screaming out with pain, but it was etched across your face like the stars in the sky.
Or like the Carina nebula when you could see it, and there wasn't a Dalek ship blocking the entire sky.
"(Y/N), please, let me help you." He reached out, and you continued to scowl as he tentatively placed his hands on your stomach.
"Don't. What good will come of me staying alive and giving birth to a child that will be tortured all its short life?" You spoke with anger in your voice. The Doctor paused, gently rubbing circular motions on your stomach to help soothe the pain.
"They're not taking him. They're not." He turned away from you.
"But they said they were. They need a Time Lord-..." Your eyes widened. A lot. "NO! NO YOU ARE NOT!" You screamed.
"They can take me. I'm not letting them take our son. You and him are the most valuable things in the universe to me. I couldn't bear to lose any of you." He paused his hands. "I'm going to give you all of my remaining regeneration energy so you can carry the baby full-term. Then I'll give myself to the Daleks. They can have me. I've been running for too long. At least they can't use what I don't have." He started to give you his regeneration energy, and however much you screamed or tried to tear his hands away, he wouldn't listen.
And although your pain dissipated, you knew the Doctor was giving his life for your son and you. And you couldn't take it.
"I don't want to live without you. I can't. Please don't. I don't want to lose you."
"I don't want to see you both die. I won't let it happen." He was almost finished giving you all of his energy. You sobbed even louder.
"I don't want to live if you're not there." You wrapped yourself around one of his arms, and his eyes softened, reaching up to stroke your face and feel your soft skin one last time.
"Either I die, or you both die. I can only ever see one option."
"Please. You don't have to do this." You pulled him closer after he finished giving the last of his energy to you. "Please, I don't want to have to say goodbye."
"(Y/N), I'm so sorry. But I love you too much. Please don't cry." He wiped your tears away as he cried himself, and you cried even harder.
""Please don't go..." You squeezed his arm, tightening your grip as you stared up at him.
"Please take good care of him." The Doctor whispered, trying his best not to cry as he pulled his arm from your grip. You shook your head, trying to reach him but he stepped away. You jumped as quick as you could to your feet, stepping closer to him, but he put an arm out to stop you.
"No, please don't make this any harder than it already is." He gasped through a broken voice. Your breath hitched, stifling sobs as tears fell freely from your eyes.
He brought out the sonic screwdriver, flicking it open as he kept you distanced with his left hand.
"(Y/N)..." He whispered.
"Doctor, please!" You begged.
"Find the TARDIS for me." His breathing was laboured.
"No, don't."
"My dear darling (Y/N)..." He let his hand trace your jawline one last time. His eyes didn't want to ever leave your face, but they showed all the pain in the world when he saw you cry or upset.
"No." You shook your head.
"Run." He echoed. The screwdriver started to buzz...

And you were standing on Ansixop.
You wailed and cried and shouted and screamed.
And sobbed.
And attempted to collapse but decided against it.
Your hands held your stomach protectively.
The child of the man you would always love.
All that will remain of him was inside you.
He wanted to live forever.
He was living through you.
He'd left the most wonderful gift for you.
You'd still travel with a Time Lord.
His little Time Lord.

...You slowly walked towards the TARDIS.
Ooooh yeah!

No, yeah, I'm really very sorry about this.

*gives out tissues ready*

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Part 3:…
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