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A Shot in the Dark Pt. 2 (Sherlock x Reader)
“Hello, are you in here?”
There it was; the voice you’d heard on the phone. Well, in a manner of speaking anyway. In the same room as you, the voice sounded much more vivid, much more real. Had you come across such a voice in the street, it would have made you withdraw within yourself. As it was, this was the voice that had saved a small part of your soul from dying off altogether.
You were frozen to the seat of the toilet, holding your arms very close to your chest. Unlike what you’d said on the phone, the left one was still bleeding, and whilst it wasn’t a bad amount of blood that you were losing, there was a higher risk the large wounds near your elbow would become infected.
“(Y/n), are you-”
You started softly weeping, a mixture of pain and mental anguish struggling to contain themselves at the sound of someone who cared. A part of you instantly regretted pulling anyone into the hellish busin
:iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 30 5
A Shot in the Dark Pt. 1 (Sherlock x Reader)
The reader is having a bad depressive episode in a public toilets, when they find a number scrawled on the wall of the toilet cubicle. They ring said number for help, not knowing that they had rung Sherlock Holmes for help with their suicidal thoughts.
This contains the ensuing conversation. The reader is genderless.

Your speech is written normally.
Sherlock’s speech is written in italics.
“Who’s this?”
“Um, you don’t know me, I just-”
“Who’s speaking?”
“Who are you?”
“You don’t know?”
“I’m sorry, I just found your number in a bathroom stall and-”
“You rang me without knowing who I was?”
“It’s okay, I’m sorr-”
“No no no wait a minute, I’ll listen. I’m listening. Tell me why you rang an unknown number.”
:iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 35 10
Florence Welch Wallpaper by ExuberantStarchild Florence Welch Wallpaper :iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 7 1 Marina and The Diamonds Wallpaper by ExuberantStarchild Marina and The Diamonds Wallpaper :iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 12 5
Mature content
AvengersXdepressed!Reader: Hurricane Brain :iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 35 19
That's Okay
You say I'm not enough
That's okay, that's okay
You say that it gets tough
That's okay, that's okay
You say that life gets hard
That's okay, that's okay
And I know that you've got scars
That's okay, that's okay
You say you want to give up
That's okay, that's okay
I know it's hard to wake up
That's okay, that's okay
You say you want to die
But you won't, but you won't
And you won't let me help you
No you won't, no you won't
And you lie and say you're fine
But you're not, but you're not
And you're happy I'm alive
But you're not, but you're not
Because I'm the reason you live
Yes I am, yes I am
And I can heal you
I can.
:iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 17 9
A Big Piece of My Small Heart (DeanXreader)
One footstep at a time, each one echoing through the empty cavern that you had once called home. You knew it would be hard, but your feet carried you slowly, willingly.
Step one was lightly tainted with footprints that were far bigger than your own, a mixture of dried mud and cut grass bringing the concrete step to life.
Step two was where all the dried mud would fall when hurried feet would rush down the stairway, kicking the dirt as they went.
There hadn't been much rest, you remembered, when you had lived here. Now seemed calmer, and you were glad of the peace that surrounded you, even if it began to tug at old anxieties that had been buried away.
What if something had happened whilst I was gone?
Why can't I even hear breathing?
Why does the place look so...undisturbed?

You took a deep breath and stared at your feet as you went down the rest of the stairs, focusing all your active thoughts on good things rather than the worries. Each step brought back more and mo
:iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 46 6
Iron Throne by ExuberantStarchild Iron Throne :iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 10 20
What a tender world we live in
Where the touch of a blade
Can heal the broken
:iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 7 11
Passing Time by ExuberantStarchild Passing Time :iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 13 3
Human!Cas X Fallen!AngelReader: Rusty Halo
Echoes of another day spent whittling around Kansas remained on your tired expression, eyes heavy from the weight of appearing at your best 100% of the time. You had already begun to grow tired of the world before you'd fallen down to it mercilessly, encouraging your distaste towards this poisoned and aging planet.
The fall had been unexpected - as it had been for the other angels - a lot being hit harder than you were, some losing their lives.
The months that had passed since the fall had arguably softened your usually terse and excitable exterior, forcing you to lose a little of the light in your eyes that had shone so bright before. The remaining angels who you'd crossed paths with would say that you hadn't changed at all, but there was always the angel who'd say you were just like him; human, whether you liked it or not. Your brusque nature had faded a bit at his words, eyelids falling a little heavier whenever he looked away.
"I'm Castiel." He'd held his hand out awkwardly when yo
:iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 59 10
Sketch by ExuberantStarchild Sketch :iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 18 15
Mature content
Sherlock X Reader: Blatant Subtext :iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 65 15
Redbeard's Last Hurrah
Sherlock watched his young sister stroking the cat on the doorstep to 221B, sitting on the curb as she let the cat jump up on her shoulder.
She'd have loved Redbeard if she'd have known him, but she was too young to remember the time when he existed...
"Sherlock, watch Eversley for me, just for a minute...please?!" Mycroft was close to whining as he reaffirmed his grip on the young child he sat on his hip.
Eversley Ormond Holmes was two-and-a-half years old and overly curious for her own good, and in truth, Mycroft wanted a break from following her around to stop her hurting herself.
"I can't watch her." Sherlock muttered from the corner of the living room, stroking the soft red fur covering the head of his beloved pet dog, Redbeard.
"And why not?" Mycroft dragged Eve over to Sherlock, eyes flicking between the dog and his brother.
"Redbeard's ill." Sherlock sobbed. He didn't care what Mycroft thought of him. "Redbeard's ill and you know what they do to ill animals."
:iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 17 13
Who knows...? by ExuberantStarchild Who knows...? :iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 16 19 With all my hearts by ExuberantStarchild With all my hearts :iconexuberantstarchild:ExuberantStarchild 10 6
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Hey guys, it's me; Eve!

The last few months since Christmas have been the biggest for me, in terms of emotional and personal development. It feels crazy, how in November I was at the lowest points in my life, but now I much better. It sounds weird, and it feels a little bizarre, but I've felt parts of myself return that I'd buried or thought I'd lost forever. I legitimately laugh at stupid things, I enjoy the weirdest crap, and I have found the part of myself I'd missed the most, the fun part that believes in the goodness of people and the world.
Once again, I can wake up and enjoy liking dumb things and enjoy getting involved with fandoms, and I've developed a belief for my own value that I'd never had before. It doesn't matter if people don't like what I like, because I can't help what I like, and I shouldn't feel bad for having personal tastes. I am a person who loves and hates, and I no longer feel like I need to hide parts of my personality to fit in. What's best, is that I believe in the value of my own life.

It's a big thing to say, that I no longer want to die. It is a freeing notion, however, and curious. I really do feel happy, and I've developed ways of keeping my head above water so that I can try my best at not falling that low again.
It's even stranger that I look back and don't recognise the sad, horribly depressed girl who really had no will to carry on. I didn't feel like me, but now I do.
Before I was at my worst, I was a mixed bag of everything. When I was at my lowest, I felt like nothing at all. Now, my pursuit for happiness in its purest form has built me up into what I'd like to think is a decent person. I've never minded what happened to me in life, as long as it has made me happy, and more than ever I can say that and be proud.

I think the word that best describes how I'm feeling is peace.

It has been one hell of a journey, and one that will continue throughout my life, but I know that I couldn't have handled this rough few years without my mum, without my boyfriend, my friends that have come and gone (and the friends that have stayed), my fictional and real icons, and you guys!
Your endless support has always inspired me to do better for myself and for you, and I know I wouldn't have become the person I am today without the knowledge that you believe in me. I really appreciate all the help you've given me, and I can never return the favour.
(Special shoutout to God, for listening to me all those dark days.)

~Thank you :heart:

P.S. I've still got a list of commissions from years ago; I never forget. And I will finish the Sherlock story, promise! Most of the last chapter is already written.

If you would like to keep in touch, or just see what the Starchild is up to, follow me on Instagram ExuberantStarchild


P.P.S. Doctor Who and Bill Potts are amazing and Supernatural is just WOW WHAT THE?!
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"I’m constantly running away from everything. I’m running away from things on a daily basis. I run away from relationships. I run away from responsibilities." ~ Norman Reedus.

I'm a SuperWhoLockian who's addicted to tea and making people blush. And weird things.
Oh, and I'm addicted to reader insert stories.
And adorable people. Like Smithy.
And stuff.
And Bucky.
I'm a Time Lady.


My glorious fandoms:
:bulletpink: Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures
:bulletpink: Sherlock
:bulletpink: Hannibal (NBC)
:bulletpink: The Walking Dead
:bulletpink: Atlantis (BBC)
:bulletpink: Luther
:bulletpink: NCIS
:bulletpink: Supernatural
:bulletpink: Marvel
:bulletpink: Pokemon
:bulletpurple: Saints Row
:bulletpink: The IT Crowd
:bulletpink: Broadchurch
:bulletpink: Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
:bulletpink: Disney
:bulletpink: Warehouse 13
:bulletpink: Star Trek (Old and new)
:bulletpink: Wicked (Musical)
:bulletpink: Les Miserables
:bulletpink: Tim Burton Films
:bulletpink: Skulduggery Pleasant
:bulletpink: Percy Jackson
:bulletpink: The Returned (French drama)
:bulletpink: CSI: Miami
:bulletpink: CSI: New York
:bulletpink: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas)
:bulletpink: DC
:bulletpink: Freefonix (You've probably never heard of it, but if you have I'll marry you tomorrow)
:bulletpink: Animal Crossing
:bulletpink: Legend of Zelda

Here are some epic people:

My online sistah: :iconminxif:

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My completely awesome bow-tie buddy: :icona-rchdemon:

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The greatest people I've ever known: :iconcharliesalvatore::iconsarianaj: You know you're at the bottom because I luuurve you both.



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